Click the full-screen option, then check out the kitty cat at 1:30…  folding back his ears…

…at 8:45 he compares a 223 round to a thirty-aught-six.  I wouldn’t agree with his characterization of the .223 as a relatively docile round… Sure, a .30-06 packs almost three times more energy than a .223…  but a .223 packs about 10 times more energy than a .22 round… Lethality of a round depends on a number of factors… As far as bullets go, bigger and faster doesn’t always translate into more lethality… There are some slugs that will pass through your body relatively cleanly while causing less disruption, while smaller and slower slugs will actually cause more disruption of tissue and will transfer more energy into your body.  Slug design counts for more than size and velocity, e.g. hollow-point versus solid.

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