This is the portal for a private password protected section.

‘Elliot Unplugged, unhinged, and off the rails…’ (moreso than normal)

Are you a friend, acquaintance, relative, or family member? Good news! You may qualify for access to my private blog! It’s a little bit more cumbersome than using facebook, but it’s free of advertising and it’s more secure and more private for me. If I haven’t already given you a password, just let me know and I’ll let you in! If you haven’t got a password yet, you may still peruse my public blog…

* There is no “logout” button. To logout, you must close all the windows of your web browser. The only way to know that you have successfully logged out is to try to login again. If it lets you in without asking for a password, then you know you haven’t logged out yet.

* Please do not login here if you are using a non-secure computer such as a computer at your workplace, or a public shared computer such as a computer which is provided for you by a library, hotel, cafe, etc, as these sorts of computers tend to be running hostile password stealing software. I don’t mind if you login using a private or quasi-private shared computer, such as a computer in your home, e.g. the computer in the kitchen, etc.

* Please do not divulge your password to other persons. Think of your password as a spare key to my house. I trust you to come over and hang out, but I don’t want you to give copies of the key to your friends or your weird brother or even your husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend… If while you’re logged in you want to let them shoulder surf and see something I’m writing about, that’s up to your discretion and judgment, if I gave you a password, it’s obviously because I trust you to some extent or other.

Warning: This is a private network. Unauthorized access is prohibited.

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