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review of Dr. Hashmi, DuPage Medical Group, Illinois (i.e. healthcare experience in the god damn USA)

This is the healthcare experience in the god damn USA, working for a fortune 50 company…

Wastin’ yer resources…

Note: I’m kind of out of it in this video. Where I said “a note to see a doctor” I meant to say “a note from the doctor excusing me from work.”

Note also: Being able to call and get an appointment with a different doctor is not something you can normally do in an HMO, but in this case I am exploiting a loophole: My regular primary care doctor is on vacation, so in that case, I’m allowed to make appointments with different doctors who happen to have openings in their schedules.

My story of going to see two different doctors on the same day, wasting time, money, resources, and energy, just to be excused from going to work sick. copay: $20 x 2 = $40. Gas – ~ quarter tank = $40 wasted medical billing of my insurance company =?? $150? $200? Who knows. At the end of the day, we’re all paying for this shit. The American insurance industry runs a far more lucrative racket than the mafia, and kills many more people in the process. Living (and dying) in the USA.

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