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America’s Real Criminal Element: Lead


America’s Real Criminal Element: Lead

New research finds Pb is the hidden villain behind violent crime, lower IQs, and even the ADHD epidemic. And fixing the problem is a lot cheaper than doing nothing.

The Killers, PSY Live, Rebecca Black, Tay Zonday,

Joe Cocker, Mad Dogs and Englishmen – Feelin’ Alright

poppin – dragon house

Ares and Magic | I’ll Be There For You

Franco “Ares” Cruz and friend Poppin Magic.



Dragon House | iGlide | Change

Julius ‘iGlide’ Chisolm

a bunch of weapons

life can be strange…


Click the full-screen option, then check out the kitty cat at 1:30…  folding back his ears…

…at 8:45 he compares a 223 round to a thirty-aught-six.  I wouldn’t agree with his characterization of the .223 as a relatively docile round… Sure, a .30-06 packs almost three times more energy than a .223…  but a .223 packs about 10 times more energy than a .22 round… Lethality of a round depends on a number of factors… As far as bullets go, bigger and faster doesn’t always translate into more lethality… There are some slugs that will pass through your body relatively cleanly while causing less disruption, while smaller and slower slugs will actually cause more disruption of tissue and will transfer more energy into your body.  Slug design counts for more than size and velocity, e.g. hollow-point versus solid.





DuPage Medical Group MyChart kind of sucks

RE: mychart kind of sucks
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Patient Customer Service Request Message List

Elliot R Smith

1/9/2013  3:03 AM CST


Thanks for the reply… Ummm… your reply was not helpful? In your reply you suggested:

“If you are looking for a quicker response you may click the ‘Send a message to your doctor’s office’ link on the home page. The message will be routed through the clinical staff to get a timely and accurate response regarding your patient information.

Hello? That’s what I did! It didn’t work! That’s what I stated in my e-mail to you! I e-mailed you to complain that it didn’t work! Hello? Yes my message was routed through to the clinical staff. No I did not get a timely response. Yes, I did eventually get a response.. No, the response I got was not accurate. To be accurate, they would have had to respond to the request in my initial inquiry. They did not do this in their response. You see, my inquiry had a question, and their response did not have an answer to that question. By the time I finally got the response, it was moot, since by then, I had long since given up on this silly mychart thing and I had called them over the phone and taken care of it that way.

So, to summarize. My complaint is: Mychart sucks, it’s broken. And to summarize further, your response to my complaint was: not helpful, and showed that you really don’t understand my complaint and/or you don’t take it seriously.

Okay then. Sorry to be a jerk about this, but I pay for this insane inept bureaucracy, and I’d like for it to work better than it does. I think there’s a limit to just how cordial of a response you can expect from your customers when they have this experience that their time and money is being wasted like this.

Let me use an analogy to help illustrate this… if you took your car to the shop to get it serviced, and then you sent an e-mail via the shop’s web site to the shop with a question or concern or some instructions… and the shop’s web site specifically promised a response within 72 hours… and then you didn’t get a response to your e-mail until a week later, and the response didn’t even address or acknowledge the concern or question or instruction that was in your original e-mail… that would be a little frustrating maybe.

It’s absolutely no different if you drop off your car, and they handed you a business card, and you get home, and you call the number on the business card, and it’s disconnected! So you have to go all the way back to the shop, and you talk to the customer service person there (that’s you!) and you complain that you tried to call the number, and it was disconnected, and so she does pretty much exactly what you did in your response, which is that she responds by handing you an identical business card, and she says exactly what you said ‘for a fast and accurate result, next time call the number on this business card.’ And so the customer would be like… what? Are you high? I just explained to you… that number doesn’t work! It’s disconnected!

But oh well, at the end of the day it’s just a car and customers can take their business elsewhere if they don’t like the service.

But see, you’re not providing vehicle repair service here, are you?. You’re providing health care. The service you provide impacts the health and lives of people more than any other service. What you’re doing is kind of important. And many people can’t just change to a different service provider because of all the bureaucracy and HMO rules… And even if they do, are they going to get any better service at the next provider? Or is this about as good as it gets in American health care? You need to do better. You need to get it right. The first time. Every time.

your customer,
-Elliot Smith

—– Message —–
From: Vicki J
Sent: 1/4/2013 3:07 PM CST
To: Elliot R Smith
Subject: RE: mychart kind of sucks

Hello Elliot,

Effective November, 2012, most test results are automatically released to MyChart within 3-7 days of receipt. The reason for the delay is to allow the provider time to review the results and speak with the patient before the release, if needed. If your results have not been released to your MyChart within 7 days of your test, or if you have unreleased tests from prior to November 2012, you will need to contact the physicians office to inquire about it. They will be able to let you know the status and also answer any questions you may have, and, in most cases, can release the results.

If you are looking for a quicker response you may click the ‘Send a message to your doctor’s office’ link on the home page. The message will be routed through the clinical staff to get a timely and accurate response regarding your patient information.

Thank You,
MyChart Customer Service

—– Message —–
Sent: 1/4/2013 2:44 PM CST
To: Patient Customer Service Request Mailing List
Subject: mychart kind of sucks

Topic: Compliment

uhh… I sent an e-mail.. and haven’t gotten a response yet 4 and a half days later… granted some of those days were holidays, but still…

I called the nurse on the phone, and to my surprise she had results that aren’t in mychart yet…

So why would I use mychart? Unless I don’t want to get information and I don’t want a response to my inquiries… then I guess I would use mychart. But that’s usually not what patients wants. Usually they want information. And usually they want a response when they send in an inquiry. It’s too bad that mychart doesn’t provide this… because if it did, we could all save the time and hassle and confusion and frustration and cost… the COST… of playing phone tag with each other and trying to communicate over the phone when communicating over the phone tends to be difficult and inefficient… I mean… I dunno what mychart costs you… I’m sure it has to cost some amount of money to have this system… so… I’m sure it costs you money…. but does it save you any money? No.. It would save you money and it would save me money if it would allow me to communicate with my doctor’s office without having to bother them over the phone… It would save us money if I could get test results over mychart in a timely fashion. But it doesn’t do any of this. So, it costs you money, and ultimately it costs your patients money since you get your money from your patients, and it costs you goodwill because it doesn’t work how it’s supposed to work… It’s a nice idea, but if this is as good as you can get it to work, you should probably not have it. Just a thought. Just thought I’d give you some feedback. Who knows, probably no one will even get this message.


Upcoming MyChart Downtime
We are performing maintenance on MyChart that will cause the site to be down from January 12 at 3:00pm until approximately January 13 at 10:00am. This site will be unavailable during this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work to enhance MyChart.
What is MyChart?

MyChart improves coordination of care for you and your family by giving you direct online access to information from your electronic medical record. MyChart also provides new, convenient methods of communication with your doctor’s office. Renew prescriptions, send messages and request appointments – all online.
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View summaries of past appointments, and more!



Mark Foster wrote and recorded “Pumped Up Kicks” in five hours.  On the day of recording, Foster debated between songwriting in the studio and going to the beach. He explained: “I really didn’t have anything to do that day. I was standing there in the studio, and this thought came in my mind like, ‘I’m going to write a song,’… and then I was like, ‘I don’t feel like writing. I don’t want to write a song.’ I was a block away from the beach, and it was a beautiful day. I kind of just wanted to just be lazy and go hang out at the beach or whatever. But I just forced myself to write a song… By that time the next day, the song was finished.” Reflecting on the lack of inspiration he felt when writing the song, Foster said, “I’ve heard a lot of other artists talk about this as well, like, ‘I’m not inspired right now. I’ve got writer’s block. I’m just not really feeling anything.’ And I’ve felt that way, too, just not being inspired and wanting to wait for inspiration to come before I wrote. But I wasn’t inspired when I wrote ‘Pumped Up Kicks,’ and that’s what came out. So… it just solidified the notion that perspiration is more powerful than inspiration.” Thinking that he was just recording a demo, he played all of the instruments on the song, and using Logic Pro he arranged and edited the song himself. The demo is ultimately the version of the song that Foster released.