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Telegraph Road

And my radio says tonight it’s gonna freeze
People driving home from the factories
There’s six lanes of traffic
Three lanes moving slow. . .

hi fi version:

lo fi version:

Brenda Weiler

Poor Me

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When was America not fascist, anyway?

My FB friend Frederick posted this on a thread that got me thinking…

As far as Obama I have made my mind up a little on his words and a lot on his actions:

Spying on people: Fascist,
Greatly increasing the scope and expense of DHS: Fascism,

NDAA: Fascist,

Patriot Act, Fascist (look at factual comparisons with Enabling Act),

Killing people without due process: Fascist,

Forcing companies to turn over peoples private data: Fascist,

Threatening other countries to turn over dissenters: Fascist.

Attempting to give a whistle blower who uncovered heinous war crimes life plus 250 year sentence. Fascist,

Running false flag operations, Fascist,

Shutting down Boston because one pot smoking teen patsy is on the loose, Fascist,

Constitutional violations for the benefit of government and industry: Fascist,

Letting gays get married, not Fascist (unless he is just trying to build a data base of who they are.

My mother was a “Piccola Italiana” she vividly described life under Mussolini. I guess the only difference I see with life under Obama is the trains don’t run on time.

random introduction to Tom Waits

A random introduction to the work of Tom Waits:


Hang on St. Christopher


Downtown Train (yes, Tom Waits wrote this.)

Hold On